A group is 20 adults or more.  A 20 passenger
(adults) minimum is required for The Clinton
Friendship to cruise, should you choose a date
where we have no other passengers aboard.

Please contact our office before increasing the
number of people in your party.  We will give
your group priority consideration on a space
available basis.  It is your responsibility to
specify if you  need the lower deck due to a
handicapped situation.

Unless the vessel is fully chartered, there is no
exclusive use of the vessel by any passenger
on board.  All areas and decks are considered
common to all passengers.
Charter Boat Policies
Special seating may be requested but not guaranteed.  All requests will be honored based on each party
size and the entire number of passengers booked for the cruise.   Specify lower deck if you have special
needs at the time of booking your cruise

Passengers may board thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.  Disembarking will be no
later than the time stated on the contract.

"The Clinton Friendship”, “The Clinton” and “The Captain Paul II" can be fully chartered for exclusive
use.  Private Charter Lunch and Dinner Cruises available on the “Clinton Friendship” require a guarantee
payment of 80 passengers. Entertainment is included in dinner cruise packages only.  Hourly charter of
the vessel for exclusive use does not include food or entertainment.  If you wish to make arrangements for
a chartered cruise, please contact the office.  The maximum number of musicians allowed on the vessel is
three (3) due to space availability for musicians' equipment.  

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Special pricing is available for children under
the age of 6. "The Clinton” and “The Captain Paul II” cruises are chartered by the hour and can be catered
by The Captain’s Landing Restaurant. If a caterer is being brought in, we need a Certificate of Liability
Insurance and Workman’s Comp from the outside company.  

Clinton River Cruises cannot accept any group reservation without a deposit and signed contract. A
confirmed head count  and final payment is due one week prior to your cruise date.  If full payment is not
received within one week of cruise date, payment will only be accepted by cash, credit card or certified
check.  No personal checks will be accepted.  
You will be charged for the number of guests that you
guarantee.  Should you have additional guests over the guarantee number, you will be charged
 These payments will only be accepted with cash or credit card.  Should you have fewer
guests than the guaranteed number, you will not receive any future credit for the passengers less than
you guarantee.

All deposits and payments for cruise reservations are non-refundable; however, every effort will be
made to reschedule your cruise.



Well Bar Package -- $5.25 per hour per person
(Includes House Pour Liquor, Can Beer, Wine, Juice and Soft Beverages)

Call Bar Package -- $6.30 per hour per person

Premium Bar Package -- $7.25 per hour per person

There is a 20% Gratuity Charge on an Open Bar Pkg.

2.  HOSTED BAR:        
Available for groups of 10 of more.  One bill will be prepared for the host/hostess and paid at the
of the cruise. There is a 20% Gratuity Charge on  an Hosted Bar Package.

3.  CASH BAR:        
Order your favorite spirits and non-alcoholic beverages at our full service bar.

4.  DRINK TICKETS:        
Available for groups of any size.  Cost is $4.50 per ticket --
good for non-premium beer or mixed drink.

"The Clinton Friendship," “The Captain Paul II” and The Captain’s Landing Restaurant are licensed for
liquor service.  

Michigan State Law prohibits passengers from bringing any beverages on board the Vessel or Landing from
any other source.

The Open Bar Package is totaled on the stated final guarantee head count which is given 48 hours in
advance of the cruise or on actual guests in group if number exceeds guarantee.  

Package price does not include 20% gratuity charge. We will add gratuity to final count.

Clinton River Cruises is not responsible for lost or stolen items, accident or injury.  All parties board and
disembark at their own risk.